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Art Conservation Framers

Expert ornate gold framing, art & art frame restoration & gilding frames

Established in 1986 by husband and wife team Tony Rich and Ruth Hopkins, Art Conservation Framers are known for their philosophy of integrity and absolute commitment to the care of artwork. With a developed team of highly skilled & experienced conservators & craftsmen, including sons Reuben & Alexander, the team share a deep respect for craftsmanship and the promotion of only the finest quality materials & products.

We are proud to have earned such a respected reputation in the industry as makers of bespoke timber picture frames, conservation framers and more, plus a well known gallery in Melbourne boasting truly unique local arts & crafts. Art Conservation Framers have a dedication and commitment to demonstrating environmentally sustainable practices, including (but not limited to) the sourcing of sustainable timbers, the restoration of old timbers & frames, reducing waste and recycling wherever possible.

Our professional & skilled team are specialists in the following areas –    

  • Art Restoration
  • Frame Restoration
  • Handmade Frames
  • Ornate Gold Framing
  • Picture Framing
  • Gilding
  • Transport of Art
  • Picture Hanging Service / Gallery Hanging

If you have artwork or a treasured item that is precious that you would like to preserve and last for decades, get in touch with us at Art Conservation Framers for further advice & information about our services.

Contact Art Conservation Framers today

Phone (03) 9696 9066

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Thank you for visiting Art Conservation Framers ‘s page on the Same Sex Wedding Directory website. If you have just got to the Art Conservation Framers page and you are looking for a Antiques Retailers|Retail Shopping in Victoria then you have come to the right place. At Art Conservation Framers we are proud to be assisting the lgbti community in Victoria. When it comes to Antiques Retailers|Retail Shopping we have got you covered. The team at Art Conservation Framers are here to assist you with all your Antiques Retailers|Retail Shopping needs. So please feel free to contact us on or via the contact us form as a local business in Victoria, Art Conservation Framers would only be more than happy to assist. At Art Conservation Framers Victoria we are proud members of the rainbow flag Australia network.