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The most innovative & completely natural COLD PRESSED dog & cat diet available

With over 20 years experience, Cezar’s Choice keep on the cutting edge of innovative animal nutrition, manufacturing the world’s only Cool-X-Truded diet, that’s preservative, grain & starch free. Superior in formulation and production, Cezar’s Choice is a scientifically based dog food with no synthetic or organic preservatives, flavours or additives used, and and great for dogs with food related allergies or digestive issues as it’s 100% natural. Our Ultra superior Cool-X-Trude dry foods have continued to grow in popularity due to the superior ingredients and cold manufacturing process, as well as our raw diet range with inclusions no others have that increases protein & metabolisable energy.

With a new process used for Cezar’s Choice dry food diets, Cool-X-Trude is when all the raw materials including Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotic etc are mixed, moistened and processed without steam directly through a special extruder, with temperatures never exceeding 85 Celsius. Cool-X-Truding is one of two processors to preserve all nutrients that are included, with the other being cold pressing. Fragile inclusions such as Vitamin E, B groups, Vitamin D & beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics), survive at the lower temperatures but totally destroyed by heat processing. As Cool-X-Trude is made in house with meat, dogs just love the natural smell and flavour of this unique food, and why there was no need for us to add other flavours.

ALL of our Thrive Ultra formulations are Hypo allergenic and suitable for dogs with food allergies or digestive related issues. With 5 different Thrive Ultra diets available, the Cezar’s Choice range includes, Adult for dogs from 12 months to seniors, Sport super high energy for trial or heavy working dogs, Low Fat, Neo-Natal/Puppy for pregnant, lactating bitches and fast growing puppies over 8 weeks and Bully Puppy (30% Protein) designed for Bull Terriers. Here at Cezar’s Choice, we not only stock products for cats & dogs, but also a variety of food / products for birds & chickens, plus frozen food for snakes, mice, rats, rabbits and more.

Manufacturing dog and cat diets, plus a range of products including – 

  • Adult Dog Food – (from 12 months to seniors)
  • Cat Food / Cat Products
  • Sport Super High Energy – (for Trial & Working Dogs)
  • Low Fat Dog Food
  • Neo-Natal / Puppy Food – (for pregnant, lactating dogs
  • Bird Products / Lorrikeet Food / Chicken Food / Frozen Quail Food
  • Frozen Food for Snakes, Mice, Rats, Rabbits

An all natural product range that benefits issues related to –

  • Digestive Issues
  • Food Allergies
  • Weight Issues
  • Behaviour Issues
  • Skin Rashes
  • Yeast & Ear Infections
  • Stamina & Motivation
  • Shiny Healthy Coats, Refines Muscle Tone, Reduces Teeth Plaque

Health starts in the gut, so for a 100% natural & balanced diet that fuels & nurtures for high performance & everyday life, give your dog the best & choose Cezar’s Choice.

Contact Cezars Choice today

Phone (07) 3143 2964
Website https://www.cezarschoice.com.au/

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Thank you for visiting Cezars Choice ‘s page on the Same Sex Wedding Directory website. If you have just got to the Cezars Choice page and you are looking for a Dog Food|Pets in Queensland then you have come to the right place. At Cezars Choice we are proud to be assisting the lgbti community in Queensland. When it comes to Dog Food|Pets we have got you covered. The team at Cezars Choice are here to assist you with all your Dog Food|Pets needs. So please feel free to contact us on or via the contact us form as a local business in Queensland, Cezars Choice would only be more than happy to assist. At Cezars Choice Queensland we are proud members of the rainbow flag Australia network.