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Reading about the ways I practice will help you to discern if my approach is likely to suit you, and whether there would be a fit for a good working partnership. My style of relational ‘presence’ in therapy is in contrast to more clinical ‘detached’ styles.

Over our life span, we encounter many situations that challenge us. What we learn from each experience becomes our blueprint for future self-projection and protection. Recent advances in neuroscience research, attachment theory and trauma studies highlight the deep and powerful interconnection of mind, brain and body that facilitates healing and consciousness.

 I believe s that the body holds the key to what is unfinished and needing to heal. Knowing how the body and brain react to trauma opens powerful tools that can offer you hope if you’ve been stuck in cycles of hypervigilance, shutdown, anxiety or shame. Heart Matters has adopted a number of therapies and approaches that are grounded in the latest neurobiological research around trauma and attachment, and that take the whole person into consideration – mind, body, emotions and spirit/self. The Heart Matters experience involves an integrative healing methodology which combines traditional psychotherapeutic talk-therapy methods with EMDR and Somatic Experiencing.

To discover for yourself the Heart Matters experience, please email, private message or call. I look forward to working with you.  Idi Xx

 Heart Matters is a heart centred counselling practice offering professional counselling, psychotherapy and focused psychological services north of the river in Western Australia. We provide a welcoming, respectful and supportive environment where individuals can resolve their difficulties. At Heart Matters our therapeutic approaches emphasise the importance of the relationship between therapist and client, as the basis of a positive and satisfying outcome for our clients by combining the latest developments in relational, body-oriented and brain-based approaches to personal growth, recovery and change.

Heart Matters uses an overall approach to therapy that is both trauma-informed and grounded in the neurobiology of emotional attachment patterns and interpersonal relationships. It is our heart’s intention to provide a contemporary model of counselling service and a new paradigm for healing trauma. We specialise in assisting people with trauma, emotional distress and life transition issues to move out of pain, and return to a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness.

Idi (Idalina) is a Clinical Social Worker and currently shares her time between private practice and working as a senior counsellor, clinical supervisor and educator at a sexual assault crisis centre in Perth. Since the late 1990′s Idi has worked on the frontline in public agencies providing counselling and treatment intervention for addictions, relationship issues, domestic violence and sexual assault – both group work and individual therapy.

Idi credits Somatic Experiencing (SE) as a methodology that provides a ‘holding environment’ for working through traumatic or emotional wounding that helps people get back in control. Idi trained under Maggie Kline and Berns Galloway in the first Australian SE three year professional training in Melbourne. She is an assistant at the Brisbane and Perth trainings and is passionate about building a local Perth SE community.

Heart Matters is committed to practising within a holistic understanding of people that takes the whole self into consideration – body, mind, emotions, relationships, spirit and greater historical/cultural context.



Developmental Trauma

Complex PTSD
Sexual trauma
Adults abused as children

Relationship issues
Grief and Loss
Prenatal/Birth Trauma



Transition issues

Somatic Experience Level:  SE™ Practitioner – SE™ Assistant Brisbane and Perth

Professional Titles: Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. Psychotherapist. Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Marriage Celebrant.

Insurance Type(s):  Medicare Rebates available

Business Phone: +61410680642

Professional Certifications:  Bachelor Social Work, Graduate Diploma Counselling (Human Services), Master Human Services Counselling, Somatic Experiencing Certificate, Advanced EMDR, Schema Therapy, Imagery Rescripting. Narrative Therapy, Advanced Diploma Business Management, and more.


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