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As your wedding day is the most important day of your lives, I am committed to making it as perfect as possible.
Your ceremony can be serious or light-hearted or a combination of both. You get to choose.
You can be married at the beach, the park, or in the back yard. These are the choices that you get to make.
You can write your own vows or have them written for you.
Together we can create a ceremony which reflects your wishes and says what you want to say to each other.

My fees include:

• The creation of a unique, personalised and sincere ceremony
• Supply and lodgement of all legal documents
• Confidential and secure record keeping
• Meetings in my home office or a place of your choice
• Telephone and email consultations as required
• Additional support and ideas to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and with ease.
• Order of Service leaflets and sample vows available to help get you started. Personal consultation also to help with this important aspect of your ceremony
• Ceremony rehearsal
• A clear and professional presentation using a high quality wireless PA system
• Certificates for children and/or bridal party if requested
• Dressed signing table and chairs provided
• Term Payments are also an option
• A beautiful personalised momento of your ceremony
The origin of the Unity/Wedding Sand Ceremony is not clearly documented; however, it is thought that either Hawaiians or native Americans used it. The bride and groom would each gather a handful of sand and throw them to the wind. The grains of sand would become combined and it would not have been possible to separate them. This symbolised the couple becoming united in marriage. This ceremony can also involve the parents of the
bride and groom. It then represents the true unity of a family. Again it would be difficult to separate the grains of sand. Each family would be represented by a different colour sand.

The Unity candle symbolises the new relationship or family, which is being created, as distinct from the couple’s life apart. Two taper candles, representing the couple as individuals, are used to light a single centre candle as a visible symbol of their commitment to each other.

The flame represents the energy that is created when two people unite in one place, and can be included as powerful acknowledgment within the body of the ceremony.

I can create candles to your requirements and colours:
“Love padlocks originated from the Italian novel-come-film Ho voglia de ti and has since become a worldwide tradition to resilient and everlasting love. From Paris to New York to South Korea to everywhere in between, our love lock keys are tossed in a romantic expression of an unbreakable love.” (http://www.makelovelocks.com/)
The Love Locks ceremony represents true love between couples. They open a lock each and then lock them together. Some couples then throw the keys into the ocean so that they remain locked together for eternity.

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