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Sailing the best boats, at the best price, in the Whitsunday Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

Come sailing in this extraordinary part of the world with Portland Roads, where you can experience Whitsundays sailing at it’s best and most affordable on a cruising catamaran at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Escape the everyday with our experienced and friendly team for the holiday of a lifetime, as we give our guests the opportunity to sail in paradise, in absolute, comfort, safety and style at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Australian owned, operated and staffed, Portland Roads have been proudly awarded “Best of Queensland Experience” status by Tourism & Events Queensland, the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development, with a positive reputation for an exceptional visitor experience. Skipper your own dream charter boat with family or friends as you cook up a feast in the cockpit of your boat, as you watch the beautiful sand swirls of Hill Inlet & dolphins riding the bow wake.

We have Sail Guides available for the duration of your trip if you do not wish to do this on your own, plus a team on hand to meet you at the designated time and ready help with your boarding, luggage and provisions. Sailing in spectacular conditions, with your own tender, and you and your crew in complete control of your holiday, your senses will be in overdrive with this unique opportunity for best heart, soul, body and mind holiday experience, we guarantee you will never forget.

We’ve got loads to offer for the ultimate holiday experience, including –  

Boat Options (boat licence & experience preferred but not compulsory)

  • Portland Roads Premium Lagoon 420 Sailing Catamaran (max 10 guests) – Three Double Cabins, One Bunk  Room, Saloon Convertible Double Bed
  • Lucy Lagoon 420 Sailing Catamaran (max 10 guests) – Four Double Cabins & One Saloon Convertible Double Bed
  • Ruby Sunday Lagoon 380 Sailing Catamaran (max 8 guests) – In Four Double Cabins
  • Southern Man Lagoon 410 S2 Sailing Catamaran (max 8 guests) – In Four Double Cabins
  • Due West Lagoon 380 Sailing Catamaran (max 6 guests) – In Three Double Cabins

Luxury Tours & Holiday Sailing Packages Available

  • Bare Boat Package – (for experienced sailors)
  • Skippered Package – (plan your experience & we’ll take you there)
  • Platinum Package – (ultimate luxury boat tour & experience with everything done for you)
  • Palm & Portland Package – (complete holiday & accommodation package)
  • Palm Bay – (overnight stop over)

Grab some friends and come to paradise, where you’ll discover the Whitsunday’s and all of her secrets, and experience places you never dreamed possible.

Contact Portland Roads today

Phone 1300 991 474
Website https://www.74islands1boat.com.au/

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Thank you for visiting Portland Roads ‘s page on the Same Sex Wedding Directory website. If you have just got to the Portland Roads page and you are looking for a Boat Cruise|Travel & Transport in Queensland then you have come to the right place. At Portland Roads we are proud to be assisting the lgbti community in Queensland. When it comes to Boat Cruise|Travel & Transport we have got you covered. The team at Portland Roads are here to assist you with all your Boat Cruise|Travel & Transport needs. So please feel free to contact us on or via the contact us form as a local business in Queensland, Portland Roads would only be more than happy to assist. At Portland Roads Queensland we are proud members of the rainbow flag Australia network.